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About Kate Bennett - Oxfordshire Personal Trainer

Personal Training & Fitness For Everyone - Based in Oxford, I am dedicated to getting the best results for every one of my clients. It's simple - I want every person I work with to enjoy exercise and feel good about the effect its having - the results will then take care of themselves.

Whether you are someone who doesn't have a clue where to start, or you know what you should be doing but either lack the motivation or time to get round to it, training with me will give you a regular weekly exercise and contact to get your fitness programme back on track.

If you are looking for a trainer who can read when you have had enough, recognise when you have more to give and can see your strengths and weaknesses and work with them, then I am the right trainer for you!

I am fully trained in pilates, postnatal exercise, boxing, kettlebells, resistance training, gymstick, suspension training, Nordic walking, triathlon training and ski-fit training, and use all of these tools to help you achieve great results, whilst keeping it fresh and most of all keeping you motivated to succeed.

So whether you want to workout at my studio or outside in Blenheim Park, my equipment is fully portable. I also teach in businesses and management centres.

Training Programmes with Kate Bennett

Combines the fundamental skills of boxing with a circuits class. Boxing helps develop strength, speed and flexibility as well as improving overall fitness.

With a focus on a multi-discipline training approach which is key for fat loss, this programme will help you strip body fat and get you to your target weight.

A non-impact resistance training programme utilising kettlebells, medicine balls and adjustable weights. It is an intense fat burning programme that is suitable for all levels of fitness and is guaranteed to produce results.

A cardio based workout for those that want to push themselves just that little bit further, including V.I.T.T (variable intensity interval training) and tabata intervals.

Tailored Fitness Plan:

My fitness plans are based on your ability and also your own personal goals. I have specific guidelines that I follow for all of the different requests that clients give. I have particular exercises that I know are good for weight loss, for toning and also to strip body fat and gain muscle. So whatever your goal, I have an arsenal of exercises up my sleeve that will help you achieve great things!

Semi Private Personal Training & Small Group Pilates

All my classes are at Burleigh Farm, Burleigh Road, Cassington just outside of Bladon.

NETBANX By Optimal Payments

Classes are all small group personal training and a class size ranges from two people to a maximum of six participants. I don't take any more than six participants as I only believe you can achieve the best technique and optimum results in a small group.

Classes range from Pilates, kettlebells, interval training, postnatal fitness and semi-private personal training. All equipment is provided at the studio and you can expect to find all the equipment you would expect to find in a gym and possibly some things you haven't!

So, whether you want to join an existing class, set up your own with a group of friends just give me a call. Just because one isn't listed on my website, doesn't mean one can't be set up, so still give me a call and I can see what I can do for you.

Classes cost £7.50 a session for fitness classes and £60.00 for a six week Pilates block.

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My Prices

Motivation and Support

I have access to emails 24/7 and I can usually reply to emails within 24 hours. I am also always available should you wish to call me for a chat, if you can’t remember a certain exercise or perhaps you are falling off the wagon.

I understand the pressures of everyday life and that sometimes you just need someone who understands and can remind you why you undertook this journey in the first place.

Who better to reiterate how well you are doing and the health benefits you are achieving than your own trainer.

I am here to motivate you its what I do best so if you need a friendly ear you just need to pick up the phone and give me a call.

Company Address.

Burleigh Farm, Burleigh Farm, Cassington OX29 4DZ

Contact Me:

Call me: 07766885973

Email me at anytime using the form below.